Fear The Prophet

Photo by Hunter Newton on Unsplash Worry. Anxiety. Anger. Control. Fear. I believe most of our struggles are rooted in fear. We become worried, anxious, and even angry when we begin to lose control


I have a hard time accepting my faults. Either I defend myself or crumble under the weight of inadequacy. I can become obsessive in making sure that either I am


Many of us groan with despair when outcomes looks bleak. The possibility of things taking the turn for the worse reminds us that life is fragile. Life is not under


I have a hard time thinking good things are ahead. I’m not talking about “positive thinking.” Postive thinking does not mean that good thing will happen; positive thinking means you


Today is my 26th birthday (meaning, I have started my 27th year around the sun). As I reflected on my life up to this point, I don’t think I am